SW100 volunteer info

Registration/Kit Check Times
Event Setup Campsite, signs Fri 1100 Joe, Pete, Ben
Kit Check & Registration Fri 12-1730 Sian, Joe
Kit Check & Registration 12-1430 Jess DT
Kit Check & Registration 1430-1730 Sarah W
Briefing Fri 1730 Joe
Drop Bags
Load Drop Bags for CP7 Trefil 1915 Ben
Load Drop Bags for CP5 Ystradfellte Fri 1830-45 Sean (Or Pete)
Start 100  Marshal Positions 100 Start Fri 1830-1930
Position 1 Exit Rugby Club 1850-1910 Paulo
Position 2 FF rd & Taff Trail Junction 1850-1910 Law
Position 3 Hydro Plant Taff Trail 1850-1915 Sian
Position 4 TT L Turn just before underpass 1850-1915 Margaret
Position 5 Corner Iron Bridge Rd turn 2 footpath 1850-1915 Jess
Position 6 Queen St, Rd Crossing 1900-1920 TBC
Position 7 Lewis Arms Pub Rd Crossing 1900-1920 Sean O
Position 8 Lewis Arms Pub Rd Crossing 1900-1920 Sarah W
Start SW100 1900 Joe
SW 50 Registration Fri 1930-2200 Margaret, Jess H, Sian
SW 50 Registration Sat 0630-0745 Margaret, Jess H, Sian, Si
50 Briefing  Sat 0800 Joe
Start of 50 Storey arms
Meet Bus, Pont ar daf car Park Sat 0945-1030 Margaret, Jess H, Sian
Storey arms by gate  Sat 0945-1040 Margaret, Jess H, Sian
Collect drop bags into Joe Van (drop to Trefil) Sat 1015 Margaret, Jess H, Sian
Start Location Sat 1000-1045 Joe
CP1 Llantrisant;  Fri 1730-1900 & 2030-2200 Nickie, Tim
CP2 Glynogwr ;  Fri 2000-Sat 0100 George, Law
CP3 Treorchy;  Fri 2300-Sat 0400 Liam, Ben
CP4 Hirwaun;  Fri 2400-Sat 0800 Mark, Jon
CP5 Ystradfellte   Sat 0230-Sat 1100 Sean, Sarah W, (Pete-1st runner go to SA)
CP6 Storey Arms;  Sat 0400-Sat 1300 Royston & Mates, Pete 
CP7 Talybont Res Sat 0600-Sat 1800


George (1st runer-1800)                     Tricia (1st runer-1800) 1800)               Raven (1000-1400)                             Jess H (1400-1800)


Cp 8 Trefil 

Sat 0900-Sat 2200 Nickie, Timmy, Sandy, Ben, Lowri (1-7)
Cp 9 Bargoed Sat 1100-Sun 0100 Huw, Liam,  Sarah, 
Sweeper 50 from Bargoed  Sat Last 50 Runner to Finish Huw
CP 10 Llanbradach Sat 1330 -Sun 0400 Margaret, Lucy K,    Pete                 
CP 11 Caerphilly Mountain Sat 1500-Sun 0900 Sian, Vic, (Jon 2100)
Finish Sun 1700-0400 Paul
Finish Sun 0400-0900 Mark A
Finish Sun 0700-1200 Law,
Signs & Compulsory Clips Place Collect
CC Garth Fri PM Nickie   Nickie Fri Pm
CC Clip Mynedd Y Gaer Fri Pm-George Fri Pm-George
Illuminous Flag Pentre to Maerdy Mountain  Fri 2130-Liam Sat 0500-Liam
CC Blan Llia Compulsory Clip & Fence Corner  Fri evening , Sarah, Sean
Crybyn CC; Fany Byg CC;  Fri-Jon 
CC Tor Y Foil & mark Valley of Death Thurs-Joe George Sat evening
CC Mynedd Bedwellte Fri pm/Sat am-Mark
CC Mynedd Y Grugg;  Sat Jon Sun Jon 
CC Mynedd Rudry & 2 Flags Sat Jon Sun Jon 
CC Crag Y Alt Sat am Sun - Nickie 


Checkpoint Details

Cut off Elapsed Time
CP  CP Name Location Grid Ref Distance SW100 Distance SW50 Cut Off  Time Walk 100 Run 100 SW 50 Food (water & coke at all) Hot water                 Tea/Coffee Drop Bag
1 Llantrisant End of Cyclepath, Main Rd, Llantrisant. ST 056 832 15k/9m n/a W-Fri 1900                    R-Fri 2200 4 3 n/a Sweats, Crisps, biscuits N
2 Glynogwr St Tyfodwg's Church, Glynogwr SS 956 872 30k/18m n/a 7 6 n/a Cake, Nuts, Biscuits N
3 Treorchy St Peters Parish Church Hall, Llewellyn St, Pentre, Treorchy SS 969 961 44k/28m n/a Sat 0400  11 9 n/a Veg Soup & Bread, (Jam, Peanut Butter Sandwhich) , Cake, Custard Y
4 Hirwaun St Lleurwg's Church Hall, Station Rd, Hirwaun, Aberdare CF44 9TA SN 958 056 57k/34m n/a Sat 0800 15 13 n/a Stew, Rice Pudding, Peaches, Biscuits  Y
5 Ystradfellte Ystradfellte, Village Hall SN 930 134 67k/41.5m n/a Sat 1100 20 16 n/a Sweats, Crisps, Biscuits, (access to drop bag & Hot Water) Y Drop Bag 1 SW100
6 Storey Arms Layby opposite Storey Arms, A470. Libanus, Brecon LD3 8NL SN 982 203 80k/50m n/a Sat 1300 22 18 n/a Soup, Rice Pudding, Fruit Salad, Sandwiches (cheese, Jam, or peanut butter)  N
7 Taly Bont Res NE corner, Talybont Reservoir,
Talybont-on-Usk, Brecon LD3 7YS
SO 107 203 99k/62m 15k/9.5m Sat 1800 27 23 7.5 Sweats, Biscuits, Crisps, Nuts N
8 Trefil Trefil Rugby Club, Trefil Rd, Tredegar NP22 4EU SO 120 126 110k/68m 26k/16m Sat 2200 31 27 11.5 Hot Dog, Cake, Fruit Salad (access to drop bag 2 -100 and drop bag 1 - 50) Y Drop Bag 2 SW100; Drop bag SW50
9 Bargoed  Layby by School, NE corner Geligear Common, Bargoed CF81 8XL ST 138 996 126k/78m 42k/26 Sun 0100 34 30 15.5 Sweats, Biscuits, Crisps, Nuts N
10 Llanbradach Ebenezer Baptist Church Hall,  Se Winton Terrace, Llanbradach, Caerphilly CF83 3LE ST 147 899 140k/87m 56k/35m Sun 4am 37 33 18.5 Soup, rice pudding, peaches, pizza Sandwiches (Jam or peanut butter)  Y
11 Caerphilly Mountain Car Park, Caerphilly Mountain Snack Bar, Mountain Road, Caerphilly CF83 1HJ ST 156 853 155k/96.5m 71k/44m Sun 0900 42 38 22.5 Cake, Biscuits, Crisps, Nuts N
Finish Cardiff HSOB Rugby Club ST 139 805 166k/103 82k/52m Sun 11am 44 40 24.5
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