Gower Events Team Brief - 2018

Gower Ultra 50 & Ultra Bach 2018 Marshal and CP Details

General Race Information

Race HQ is at Mumbles Cricket Club, Marespool Ground, Old Plunch Lane, The Mumbles, SA3 4JE

This is also the start, finish of ultra 50. There are two Ultra 50s start times – 0600 (walkers) and 0730 (Runners).

The Ultra Bach starts in Llandimore, In the National Trust Rd, Just at the bottom of the Village

Registration and Race Briefing

Registration is at the following times at race HQ.

Friday 1700-2100- All races

Saturday 0500-0530- Ultra 50 (early Start)

Saturday 0600-0700- Ultra 50 (0730 Start) 

Saturday 0740-0815 - Ultra Bach 


Start Times

-0600 for Gower 50 Walkers or those planning on taking over 14 hours

-0730 for Gower 50 Runners or those planning on taking less than 14 hours. 

-0930 Gower Ultra Bach- Llandimore


Time Limit

All courses close at 2230 and the overall time limits are as follows.

-Gower Ultra 50 Walkers/Early start has a 16.5 hours time limit

-Gower Ultra 50 Runners start has a 15 hours time limit

-Gower Ultra Bach has a 13 hours time limit


Checkpoint Locations- these are marked on map and EAP.

  • CP1 Gowerton (8.5miles)- Layby Next to Cycle Path Entrance, Oakwood Drive, Gowerton, SA4 3AU
  • CP2 Llhanrhidian (17 miles) (SHOE BAGS)- Llhanrhidian Village Hall, Mill Lane, SA3 1ER (Turn L before Church)
  • CP3 & 1- Llanmadoc (22/3.5miles)- FootpathThrough National Trust Gate Whiteford Burrows, Llanmadoc, Swansea, SA3 1DB (No vehicles on this road, Park in Car Park 100m Before!)
  • CP4 & 2- Rhosslli (27/9miles)- Car Park by National Trust Building. National Trust Rhossli , SA3 1PR (Note CP is not in Car Park as Nat Trust Don’t Own It so put tent up on Path). Any Qs say you’ve spoke to Mark Hipkin (Nat Trust)
  • CP5 & 3- Port Eynon (34/16miles)- Village Hall, SA3 1NZ
  • CP6 & 4 -Three Cliffs (42/24miles) –Nicholaston Farm Caravan & Camping, Penmaen, Swansea, SA3 2HL
  • CP7 & 5- Southgate (46/28miles)- Car Park E.Cliff, Sothgate, SA3 2AS

Busses for Ultra Bach Runners

Bus transport from the race HQ (finish) to the start is provided for the Ultra Bach runners. The Busses will collect at 0815 from race HQ. Please note there is no parking available at the Ultra Bach start in Llandimore and the lane is very narrow, so we have asked any participants getting dropped off to be dropped off at the top of the lane and walk down. The busses will also drop of at the top of the lane and runners will have to walk down to the start. Spectators to the start should park in Llhanmadoc and they can walk down onto the Wales Coast Path to get a good view of the runners over the first couple of miles.

Compulsory Clips

These are marked on the map and at the following locations. There is no clip cards but instead the participants should clip the map in the boxes provided.

1)- Port Eynon Point monument

2)- Oxwich point

3)- Cliff Top Between Oxwich Bay & 3 Three Cliffs Bay

4)- Pwlldu Head


Drop Bags

Drop bags (Or more appropriately a shoe bag) are available at CP2 Llhanrhidian for the Ultra 50 runners. The Drop Bag must not be bigger than a standard shoe box/plastic carrier bag and should only fit a pair of shoes and whatever you can fit in them! Anything bigger will not be taken.  Shoe bags will be collected outside before the race starts and should be placed in the relevant large rubble sacks in relevant numbers. There is no drop bag facilities for the Ultra Bach.


Car Parking  

Car parking is in the many pay and display car parks around the mumbles. The closest is at Bracelet Bay. Marshals will be able the park at the event HQ at Mumbles Cricket Club.


Timing System

We have a new timing system for the race and checkpoints. Each runner will receive a band with a chip in. When they arrive at a checkpoint they will be scanned using one of the phones provided. This will automatically record who has passed through the checkpoint. Each checkpoint will have a dedicated individual who has been trained in the use of the system so don’t panic! The system records runners passing through a CP, tells you how many (and who) is still to come through and, tells you who has dropped out. Please remember to remove participants band when they drop out or finish. 


First aid and Emergencies

CAVRA Medics Officer in charge for this event will be Ivor Davies 07973 627137  / 02920 531834 


First Aiders

CAVRA First Aid Responders are covering first aid for the event. They are a team of fully insured and CRB / DBS checked volunteers and are trained to national standards from First Aid to ambulance first responders (trained to use medical gasses and defibrillator use). They also have a stand-alone radio system.  They are based in the Vale of Glamorgan and so are familiar with South Wales and the Gower. They are trained in search and rescue, and have a rescue boat which they liaise with the coastguard with.

CAVRA will provide two roaming Safety vehicles, which will follow the route by road and be able to react quickly to a first aid or emergency.  They will be in contact with event base via their radio system, and mobile phone.

They are there to cover the event so with any first aid emergencies (Major or Minor) call them and they will coordinate response. The number is below.

In addition to CAVRA a number of event marshals and organisers are Qualified First Aiders, and will be positioned at each checkpoints.

These include; Pete Smith, Ben Morris, Joe Timmins, Mark Drew, Liam Chambers.


What to do in an Emergency

In a minor injury summon the nearest first aider or medic, call CAVRA control and then call the race director. Ensure they are warm and get them in shelter away from the elements if possible! (Car, building, bus shelter, out of the wind). CAVRA will coordinate the response


In a major emergency call/get help from a first aider, other runners, marshals or bye-standers. Call CAVRA Control (if CAVRA medic is not already their). CAVRA will coordinate the response. (If no Response from CAVRA and a major emergency call 999).

Then call the race director.


The CAVRA medical treatment policy is:

Authorised medic/first aider to treat as required.

Medic/driver to inform CAVRA control.

CAVRA control to inform race control / designated contact point.

If there is any cardiac or life threatening issue, our control will call 999 first.

CAVRA Civil Aid Voluntary Rescue Association will provide emergency and first aid cover for the event.


Marshal Roles and Positions


Set Up


Compulsory Clips

1)- Port Eynon Point monument, Grid reference: 4672 8446- George Sat 1030

2)- Oxwich point, Grid reference: 5120 8504 - Sat 1030 Mark A

3)- Cliff Top Between Oxwich Bay & 3 Three Cliffs Bay, Grid Reference 5247 8797 (And Flag Beach Exit) - Sat 1100 Mark A

4)- Pwlldu Head, Grid reference: 5701 8643 -Sat 1000 Liz/Margaret-


Signs around Gowerton-

Gowerton-Friday PM-TBC

Crofty - Sat- 0830-Ben

Cycle Path 4 Turning- Saturday Morning -Pete

Park Mill- Southgate-Saturday-TBC



Registration - Mumbles Cricket Club (Race HQ)


Set Up Registration- Fri 1600 Joe, Pete, Ben, Sian

Friday 1700-2100- Sian; Jess, Joe, Pete, Ben

Set Up Signs –1500, Pete, Ben

Set Up finish Gantry-1600 Put into position- 2100 Joe, Pete, Ben, Sian

Set Up Start/Finish Penn & Finish Gazebo – 2100 Joe, Pete, Ben, Sian 

Mark start/finish of route 2100- Ben, Pete




Saturday 0500-0530- Ultra 50 (Early Start) – Sian, Jess, Joe,

Saturday 0610-0700- Ultra 50 (0730 Start) - Liz, Margaret, Sian, Jess

Saturday 0740-0810 - Ultra Bach - Liz, Margaret, Sian, Jess


Ultra 50 Walkers Race Start

Collect Drop Bags - 0530-0555 - Karl

Race Brief -0545- Joe T

Scan Runners into Start Penn Ultra 50 Walkers Start- 0550 – Sian, Jess, Ben

Position 1 – 0555 -0610- George

Position 2- 0555 -0610- Karl

Start Race 0600 Joe


Ultra 50 Runners Race Start

Collect Drop Bags -0700-0725 – Liam, (Bens Van)

Race Brief -0715- Joe

Scan Runners into Start Penn Ultra 50 Runners Start – 0720 Sian, Jess, Ben

Position 1 -0725 -0740 -Liam

Position 2- 0725-0730- Karl

Start Race 0730-Joe


Gower Ultra Bach Race Start


Meet Busses/Supervise Bus Collection at Mumbles Cricket Club 0810-0820, - Liam

Meet Busses/Supervise Bus Drop Off at Llandimore (Top of Hill) 0850-0915 – Karl, George

Race Brief Llandimore 0915-Joe

Scan Runners into Start Penn Ultra Bach Start 0920 -Karl, George

Position 3 (Llhanmadoc) 0935-Karl

Position 4 (Llhanmadoc) 0935-George

Start Race 0930-Joe


CP1-Gowerton- 0720-0930 / Last Runner (Note- No Official Cut Off) - Pete, Mark A

CP2-Llanrhidian-0845-1130- Nickie, Tim, Dave

CP3-Llanmadoc-0945-1315- Liam, Jess,

CP4-Rhossli-1030-1430- Pete, Sian,

CP5-Port Eynon- 1130-1630- George, Karl, Vic L

CP6-Three Cliffs- 1215-1915- Liz, Margaret

CP7- Southgate -1315-2015- Mark A, Liam, Vic L

Finish-Mumbles 1415-2230- Joe, Dave, Helen, George (after Port Eynon 2000-2230) Sian (After Rhossili 1700-2230)


Any Questions please message me. 

Thanks all again for your help it is greatly appreciatted by runners and organisers alike. 


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