Celtic Trail Races FAQs


1)-Do I need to carry all the compulsory kit?

YES. On all courses you must carry all the compulsory kit. 

For the compulsory kit list click here.

2)-I am in a team, do all team members need to carry all the compulsory kit?

YES all team members must carry the whole kit. This includes all of it... first aid kit, map, compass…all of it!

3)-Will there be a kit check?

Yes. There will be kit checks on the route. 

All podium finishers will also be kit checked at the end.

4)-How hard is the navigation?

The route is marked with a combination of running signs, red and white flags and red and white tape. As long as you pay attention at junctions and turnings you will follow it easily. People only generally miss a sign f they are not paying attention of are talking! You also receive a map with the route marked on it so if you do miss a marker you can find your way back onto the course. There is a GPS file on the webpage which you must download onto a mobile phone app, gps device such as a running watch or handheld unit. Please wait until the week before so you have the most up to date version!

5)- When will entries close?

Officially at midnight on the Friday two weeks before the event date or as in previous years earlier when the event sells out.

6)- What are the entry limits?

400 entrants across all events

7)- Is there a reserve list?

NO - There is no reserve list for the event. Once the entry limits have been reached there are no extra spaces available.

8)- Can I enter & pay on the day?

No, you must register using the online registration system at sientries system. 

9)-I can’t do the event, can I have a refund or transfer to a different race?

     As per our terms and conditions 'If competitors withdraw prior to the event, the following costs are incurred' 

  • 5 months before the event, 75% of entry fee will be refunded OR you can transfer the remaining cost (75% of entry fee) off a different event. 
  • 2 months before the event, 50% of entry fee will be refunded OR you can transfer the remaining cost (50% of entry fee) to a different race.
  • 1 month before the event, no Refunds or Transfers to another race are available.
  • You can transfer your place to another participant until two weeks prior to the race day. 

10)- I can’t race can I transfer my entry to a friend?

     As per our terms and conditions. You can transfer your place up until 2 weeks before the event. After this date there is strictly no transfers available.  

11)-Will I receive a medal for completing the event?

Yes you will receive a medal for completing the event. If you would like an event t-shirt you have the option of ordering one when you sign up. You also have the option of ordering a lovely event Hoody (to keep you warm afterwards). T-shirts cost £8 and Hoodies cost £30 and will be available for collection from the event base at Dare Valley Park at either registration or after the finish.

For the avoidance of doubt, you will not receive a medal if you do not complete the relevant course in the given time frame. For example, if you complete 20 miles of the ultra-course, but drop out or are timed out you will not receive an 20 mile course medal.

12)- Can I walk the challenge?

Yes the race is open to runners and walkers that can maintain the pace to reach the cut off times.

The Ultra Race time limit for the whole race is 10 hours at 1800.  

The 20 mile race time limit for the whole race is 7.5 hours at 1800.

The Half Marathon Race has a time limit for the whole race is 6.5 hours at 1800.

13)- Are there cut off times and what happens if I miss the cut off times?

There are generous (but strictly enforced) cut off times at various checkpoints to ensure you have completed the course by 1800.

14)- What is the terrain like and what type of trainers should I wear?

The terrain is mainly hard pack trails, with some small muddy sections. We would recommend a suitably cushioned trail shoe with good levels of grip.

A full fellrunning shoe would be overkill especially on the Ultra unless you are well conditioned to using them. A road shoe would be unsuitable and unacceptable.

15)-What times do the buses leave and how do they work?

You park at the finish and the bus takes you to the start. You then run back to the finish. This is so that when you have finished your car is their ready for you.


The ultra bus leaves Dare Valley Park at 0645 on Saturday morning and drops off at Margam at 0730.


The 20 mile bus leaves Dare Valley Park at 0915 on Saturday morning dropping off at Afan Argoed at 1000.


The Half Marathon bus leaves Dare Valley Park at 1015 on Saturday morning dropping off at Resolven at 1045.


16)- When will final event details be sent out?

All final event details will be sent out to the e-mail address you registered with 1 week before the event date.

All other information is found on the event webpage or in the FAQs above.

If you have not received the details please check your junk e-mail folders, and check your e-mail address you registered with is correct. If you still haven't received them please e-mail or contact us.

17)- Where are the Checkpoints and what is available?

The checkpoint locations are listed below.


Ultra -CP1 Bryn Forest - Ultra 11k - Cut Off 1000

Ultra- CP2 Afan Forest – Ultra 19k - Cut Off 1130

Ultra & 20mile- CP3/1 Abergregan - Ultra 26k– Trail 8k - Cut Off 1330

All races- CP4/2/1 Carn Caglan - Ultra 35k - Trail 17k- Half 6k - Cut Off 1500

All races- CP5/3/2 Rhigos - Ultra 42k -Trail 24k - Half - 13k - Cut Off 1630

Water will be at each checkpoint. As is standard in trail races and as per your compulsory kit you will be required to fill up your water bottle. There will not be any plastic cups for water-you must bring your own or use your water bottle.

You can expect a mixture of Energy Drink, Squash, Sweets, Biscuits, Oranges, Crisps.

18)- Where are the best places for my friends and family to support?

Much of the race is in the forest, so the best locations for supporters is to park near the checkpoints usually where the route crosses roads, and then walk into the forest. If you intend on walking in the Forest please ensure you have suitable clothing and a suitable map as the forest can become a maze and it is easy to become disorientated!


All start locations and the race finish offer good viewing places (addresses on the event home page).

Ultra CP1 Bryn -Outside the Royal Oak (SA13 2RW)

Ultra CP2 Afan Argoed Forest Centre (SA13 3HG)

Ultra CP3/Trail CP1

Ultra CP4/Trail CP2/Half Marathon CP1 -No Access as it is deep in the Forest!

Ultra CP5/Trail CP3/Half Marathon CP2- Rhigos Mountain Pass Mynydd Beili-glas, off A4061 [PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE RUNNERS OR THE ACCESS TO THE CHECKPOINT]

Finish- at Dare Valley Park


19)- The GPS file does not open?

To access a gps file you will first need to save the relevant file to your computer.  To do this right click on the download and choose 'save as' and save it to your computer.  In order to view / use the file it will have to be imported onto a device that allows you to view & use it. Please Note-If you open the file on your computer it will appear blank / full of gibberish!  It can only be viewed by importing it onto a gps device (eg Garmin Fenix, Suunto Ambit etc) or by viewing it using a computer program that will access the information.

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