Dragon 100 & 50 FAQs

1)- How much ascent is there in the route ?   

There is approximately 3000 meters ascent for the 100miler and approximately 1300 meters ascent for the Dragon 50 race. 

2)- Do I need to carry all the compulsory kit?

Yes. If you’ve entered this race you shouldn’t really be asking this question!

If you are in a team then all team members must carry the whole kit. This includes all of it!

3)-Will there be a kit check?

Yes. You will be required to show several random items from your kit before you can register and receive your race number.

There will also be kit checks on the course.

All podium finishers and random numbers will also be kit checked at the end.

4)-How hard is the navigation?

The route is marked with a mixture of Wales Coastal Path Signs, and Run Walk Crawl arrows around difficult sections or when you leave the Coastal Path. The Wales Coast path arrows are excellent and it is possible to follow most of the route just using these. We want the route finding to be easy so you can concentrate on looking after yourself and completing the race. In addition to the route markings you will receive a marked map and route description- on this will be clear guidance of when you are following the Wales Coast Path signs and when you are following our running arrows. You should download the Gps file onto your watch, smartphone or hand held device. If you lose your way or come off the route you can easily find your way back to it using the map or gps device.

The sections where you leave the Coast Park will be well marked with illuminous flags, tape and arrows.

5)- When will entries close?

Friday 2 weeks before the event or before if the event sells out.

6)- What are the entry limits?

150 entrants for each race distance.

7)- Is there a reserve list?

Yes. If you attempt to sign up after the event has sold out you will be added to a reserve list and if spaces become available you will be offered a place. No money is taken from your account until you have confirmed and registered that place with our online registration system.

8)- Can I enter & pay on the day?

No you must register using the online registration system at sientries system.

9)-I can’t do the event, can I have a refund or transfer to a different race?

As per our terms and conditions 'If competitors withdraw prior to the event, the following costs are incurred' 

-5 months before the event, 75% of entry fee will be refunded OR you can transfer the remaining cost (75% of entry fee) off a different event. 

-2 months before the event, 50% of entry fee will be refunded OR you can transfer the remaining cost (50% of entry fee) to a different race.

-1 month before the event, no refund is available. No transfer to another race is possible.

 10)- I can’t race can I transfer my entry to a friend?

 As per our terms and conditions, entries cannot be substituted (ie: you cannot ‘give’ your place to someone else if you are unable to attend the race).

 11)-Will I receive a medal for completing the event?

All entrants will receive a t-shirt, however only those who complete the course within the time limit will get a medal. For the avoidance of doubt- you will not recieve a 50mile medal if you started the 100mile race and completed half of it! You will only recieve a medal for completing the race you started. 

 12)- Can I walk the challenge?

 Yes the race is open to runners and walkers that can maintain the pace to reach the cut off times.

The Dragon 100 mile course starts at 1700 on the Saturday evening and you have 31 hours to complete the course- That’s 3.3 mph. Please remember that you would also need to factor in any checkpoint stops so realistically you should aim to maintain 3.5mph to complete in exactly 31 hours.

The Dragon 50mile starts at 0800 on Sunday morning and you have 16 hours to complete the course approximately 3.1mph!

13)- Are there cut off times and what happens if I miss the cut off times?

There are cut off times at various checkpoints. Please remember the cut off times are not there as pacing guidance- You should not aim to come in exactly (or leave) each checkpoint exactly on the cut-off, but aim to be ahead.

If you miss the cut off time, then you will be retired from the event. 

In addition if you are behind the pace required to get to the next checkpoint on time the safety team will collect you before the checkpoint.

14)- What is the terrain like and what type of trainers should I wear?

It is a mixture of hard trail, sand, muddy trail, tarmac, grass, mud. A trail trainer suitable for the distance would be best.

We would recommend a comfortable trail trainer with good tread. The tread does not need to be super aggressive like a fell/mud running shoe) and we would advise going for a hybrid/hard trail running shoe. Examples are the Hoka challenger atr or Speedgoat, the inov 8 Trailtalon or Roclite, the La sportive Ultra Raptor or Akasha, The Saucony Perigrine, or the Scott Kinabalu or Supertrac Ultra. Obviously, shoe choice is highly individual and depends on weather conditions.  



15)- Is there a drop bag facility?  


For the Dragon 100 Mile race there is one 20 litre drop bag which will be avaliable to runners at the following locations-

- CP3 (the Mumbles) at approximately 25 miles

- CP8 (Ogmore) at approximately 70 miles

The drop bag will be collected before the start at Rhossili.


For the Dragon 50 there is one drop bag available at the CP2 at Ogmore at approximately 18 miles.

The drop bag will be collected at the race start.


For both races we will transport one finish bag from the start location to the finish location. Again no bigger than 20 litres! 

You will not be able to access these bags at other times during the race. The bags should be a maximum size of 20 litres each, and in a waterproof drybag and should not contain any valuable or breakable items. They may be stored outside on wet ground so they must be completely waterproof!

Drop bags will be returned and available for collection from the event finish from 1800 on Saturday!

*please do not keep your car keys, house keys or credit cards in the drop bags as if you drop out you will not be able to access the drop bag until Saturday at 1800!!!


 16)- When will final event details be sent out?

All final event details will be sent out to the e-mail address you registered with 1 week before the event date.

The Gps file and any further information will then be sent out the Monday before the race.

The majority of information is found on the event webpage or in the FAQs on this page.

If you have not received the details please check your junk e-mail folders, and check your e-mail address you registered with is correct. If you still haven't received it then please e-mail or contact us.

We will also post the event details on the website, and Facebook page one week before the event.

17)- Where are the Checkpoints and what is available?

Checkpoint details are summarised in the table below. Final details including exact location, and food avaliable will be sent out in the pre-event notes approximately 1 week before.



Name Location 100m Dist 100k Dist Close Food Notes
Start Rhossili 0   1700   R
P1 Port Eynon Car Park 7.5 miles   1900 Snacks  
CP2 Southgate Car Park 16   2200 Snacks  
CP3 Mumbles Victoria Hall, Mumbles 24   CO-1200 Soup, Sandwiches, Snacks DROP BAG 1- for 100 Mile Race
CP4 Baglan Layby McDonalds 35.5   0330  Snacks  
CP5 Bryn Forest Track 46 Mile-0700  Soup, Sandwiches, Snacks
CP6 Margam  Layby 53 CO-1000 Snacks  
CP7 Porthcawl  Rugby Club 61 8 1200 Meat, Veg Stew, Snacks  
CP8 Ogmore  Car Park 69 17 CO-1430 Snacks DROP BAGS FOR BOTH RACES
CP9 Llantwit Beach Beach Car Park 79 27 1700 Noodles, Snacks  
CP10 Pothkerry Park Porthkerry Lodge  88.5 36.5 CO-2000 Hot Dogs, Sandwiches, Snacks  
CP11 Sully Spinney Caravan Park 97 44 2200 Snacks  

*Note Distances are approximate and rounded.

18)- The GPS file does not open?

To access a gps file you will first need to save the relevant file to your computer.  To do this right click on the download and choose 'save as' and save it to your computer. In order to view / use the file it will have to be imported onto a device that allows you to view & use it. Please Note-If you open the file on your computer it will appear blank / full of gibberish!  It can only be viewed by importing it onto a gps device (eg Garmin Fenix, Suunto Ambit etc) or by viewing it using a computer program that will access the information.

19)- What are the car parking facilities?  

There are 24hour car parking facilities around Cardiff Bay. Details are avaliable at the following link. 



In addition there are regualr train and buses avaliable to take you to the Cuty centre and further afield. 


20)-What time and location is registration?

The Dragon 100mile Race Registration is at Cardiff at the Race finish between 1300-1400. The race brief is at 1630 and the race start at 1700. There is an additional registration in Rhossili at the race start for those who are going straight to the start without using our coaches. If you would like to register at the race start in Rhossilli you will be asked to e-mail us to confirm when we send the race notes out. Please don't e-mail us with your intentions until you have recieved the event notes one week before as we will ask you to do it again.


For the Dragon 50 the race registration is at the race start at 0630-0730. The Race Brief is at 0730 and the race start is at 0800.


21)- Will I receive a map and copy of route description?

Yes, you will receive a waterproof copy of the route description and a map at registration. 

22)- Will I be tracked?

There will be trackers on both races. The link will be sent out will be sent out with the on the Monday before the event. 


23)- Where are the best places for my friends and family to support? 

More information about the best locations to support will be sent out with the pre-event notes 2 weeks befor the event.  However, one of the best parts of the route is the great facilities for spectators along the entire route.


24)- Can you use local shops around the course to buy supplies/refreshments?

Yes this is acceptable, although please do not rely on them being open and ensure you carry enough food for between checkpoints.




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