Gower Ultra 50 FAQs

1)-Do I need to carry all the compulsory kit?

YES, you must carry all the compulsory kit. No exceptions.

2)-I am in a team, do all team members need to carry all the compulsory kit?

YES all team members must carry the whole kit. This includes all of it... first aid kit, map, compass…all of it!

3)-Will there be a kit check?

Yes. You will be required to show a number of random items from your kit at random non-advertised points around the course. You will also be required to show them at the end of the race.  

4)-How hard is the navigation?

In terms of navigation we would rate it as easy to follow for a competent navigator. Over 90% of the route follows the coast and the paths are very well marked by Coastal Path signs.  It is possible to navigate the route completely using these signs however, you will be provided with a marked map and route explanations to help you find your way around the course. We also add markers around more difficult sections. 

5)- When will entries close?

Midnight on Wednesday 26th September or before if the event sells out. 

6)- What is the entry limit?

200 for the Gower Ultra 50 and 150 for the Gower Ultra Bach

7)- Is there a reserve list?

Yes. If you attempt to sign up after the event has sold out you will be added to a reserve list and if spaces become available you will be offered a place. No money is taken from your account until you have confirmed and registered that place with our online registration system.

8)- Can I enter & pay on the day?

No you must register using the online registration system at sientries system before the cut off date (see question 5).

9)-I can’t do the event, can I have a refund or transfer to a different race?


As per our terms and conditions  'If competitors withdraw prior to the event, the following costs are incurred' 

  • 5 months before the event, 75% of entry fee will be refunded OR you can transfer the remaining cost (75% of entry fee) off a different event. 
  • 2 months before the event, 50% of entry fee will be refunded OR you can transfer the remaining cost (50% of entry fee) to a different race.
  • 1 month before the event, no refund is available. No transfer to another race is possible.


10)- I can’t race, can I transfer my entry to a friend?

As per our terms and conditions. Entries cannot be substituted (ie: you cannot ‘give’ your place to someone else if you are unable to attend the race). 


11)-Will I receive a medal for completing the event?

Yes you will receive a medal and a race t-shirt when you finish the race?

12)- Can I walk the challenge?

Yes the race is open to runners and walkers that can maintain the pace to reach the cut off times.

The time limit for the race is 16.5 hours (Midnight) so it is suitable for anyone who can maintain a pace of 3 mph or 4.8kph. Our slowest competitors came in at 16hours 15 minutes in 2014 after entirely walking the route.


13)- Are there cut off times and what happens if I miss the cut off times?

There are cut off times at various checkpoints.

If you miss the cut off times, then you will be retired from the event. 

To complete the route by 2230 you must hit the following cut-off times:-

CP4 - Rhossli (27/9 miles) by 1430 (1330 for Ultra Bach Runners)
CP 5/3- Port Eynon (34/ 17 miles) by 1630
CP6/4-Three Cliffs  (42/24 miles) by 1930
CP7/5-Southgate (45/28.5 miles) by 2030


14)- What is the terrain like and what type of trainers should I wear?

The terrain is mixed/light trail. This means it combines grassy trails, hard rock trails, tarmac trails, sand..

The best type of trainer for the whole Gower route would be a grippy trail trainer which is comfortable for tarmac sections. These are commonly referred to as ‘citytrail’, ‘light trail’ or ‘hybrid’ trainers.

The first 17 miles of the Gower Ultra 50 route is hard trail/bike path and so would suit a more cushioned road shoe. We are providing a 'shoe' drop bag faciity which will take 1 pair of shoes to CP 2 at llhanrhidian 17 miles so you can change into a more aggresive trail trainer from there. (Please note the shoe bag is for 1 pair of shoes and whatever you can fit in those shoes. Please do not bring a large drop bad full of kit. )


Road shoes are not suitable past LLanmadoc (CP2), from here a grippy shoe is necessary. 

If there is a lot of rain in the preceding days then a more aggressive trail trainer with better grip would be best.


For the Ultra Bach Route a trail or fellshoe would be suitable for the whole course. A road shoe would be unsuitable for some of the more technical, grassy or muddy sections especially on the descents near cliffs!


15)-Are there any compulsory clips?

There are four orienteering clips  along the route to ensure competitors are not taking any short cuts!  They are clearly labelled on the map you will punch a hole in the map at each location.  The 2018 clips are listed below:

1)- Port Eynon Point monument, Grid reference: 4672 8446

2)- Oxwich point, Grid reference: 5120 8504

3)- Cliff Top Between Oxwich Bay & 3 Three Cliffs Bay, Grid Reference 5247 8797

4)- Pwlldu Head, Grid reference: 5701 8643


16)- When will final event details be sent out?

All final event details will be sent out to the e-mail address you registered with approximately 1 week before the event date.

All other information is found on the event webpage or in the FAQs above.

If you have not received the details please check your junk e-mail folders, and check your e-mail address you registered with is correct. If you still haven't recieved then then please e-mail or contact us. 

We will also post the event details on the website, and facebook page one week before the event.


17)- Where are the Checkpoints and what is available?

The checkpoint locations are listed below.


CP1 Gowerton (8.5miles)- Layby

CP2 Llhanrhidian (17 miles)- Village Hall - SHOE BAGS AVALIABLE HERE

CP3 & 1- Llanmadoc (22/3.5miles)- Woodland path 

CP4 & 2- Rhosslli (27/9miles)- Car Park by National Trust Building. 

CP5 & 3-  Port Eynon (34/16miles)- Village Hall 

CP6 & 4 -Three Cliffs (42/24miles) - Campsite 

CP7 & 5- Southgate (46/28miles)- Car Park


Water will be at each checkpoint. As is standard in Ultras and as per your compulsory kit you will be required to fill up your water bottle. There will not be plastic cups for water.

You can expect a mixture of Coke, Jelly Sweets, Biscuits, Flapjacks, Nuts, Crisps, and some surprises at each checkpoint. 


Please see Q 21 for details of where Spectators can meet you.


18)- The GPS file does not open?

To access a gps file you will first need to save the relevant file to your computer.  To do this right click on the download and choose 'save as' and save it to your computer.  In order to view / use the file it will have to be imported onto a device that allows you to view & use it. Please Note-If you open the file on your computer it will appear blank / full of gibberish!  It can only be viewed by importing it onto a gps device (eg Garmin Fenix, Suunto Ambit etc) or by viewing it using a computer program that will access the information.


19)- Is there a drop bag facility?  

Yes Drop bags (Or more appropriately a shoe bag) are avaliable at CP2 Llhanrhidian for the Ultra 50 runners. We recommend using a road/light trail trainer to here then changing into a more aggresive trainer for the remainder.

The Drop Bag must not be bidgger than a standard shoe box/plastic carrier bag and should only fit a pair of shoes and whatever you can fit in them! Anything bigger will not be taken. 


Shoe bags will be collectted at registration before the start. 

There is no drop bag facilities for the Ultra Bach.



20)- Where is the car parking?  


Car parking is in the many pay and display car parks around the mumbles. The closest is at Bracelet Bay. 



21)- Where are the best places for my friends and family to support?



One of the great things about the route is that there are many stunning locations for your family & friends to see the course and we encourage spectators along the route to give you (and all the other runners) plenty of support.  However, the Gower is essentially only a small number of narrow roads and parking can be limited.  Below is a list of checkpoint locations and which ones spectators are allowed to and which we ask them to avoid. Following the checkpoint details we have created a list of the best spectator points. We would therefore ask that spectators stick to the following guidelines as they provide the least disruption to the local communities, the best parking spaces and provide the best views!  The spectator points are listed in the order they are run by competitors so it is easy for supporters to follow you all the way around the course.  Please note you may have to pay for parking at some locations and if the weather / surf is good then the car parks and the roads to them can get quite busy.  Please remind all supporters to drive sensibly whilst following you.


CP1 Gowerton (8.5miles)- PLEASE NO SPECTATORS- this is a residential street, you can see the runners along the mumbles or at Gowerton- both sides have plenty of shops, cafes, and parking.

CP2 Llhanrhidian (17 miles)- Village Hall - NO SPECTATORS IN CHECKPOINT PLEASE-there is lots of space in the village near the church and on the Marsh Rd (But please watch out for runners!

START OF ULTRA BACH- PLEASE SPECTATORS NOT COME INTO Llhandimore but instead park in Lanmadoc and walk down to the WCP on the race route. THERE IS NO PARKING AT THE RACE START AND IT IS A NARROW LANE WITH LITTLE SPACE FOR TURNING. LLanmaoc has lots of parking space, and a loverly cafe and some pubs!

CP3 Llanmadoc (22/3.5miles)- Woodland path, NO SPECTATORS IN CHECKPOINT PLEASE-there is lots of space in the village and at the beaches near by-Broghton Bay & Rhossli Bay. 

CP4 Rhosslli (27/9miles)- Car Park by National Trust Building. SPECTATORS WELCOME BUT PLEASE PAY AND DISPLAY!


CP5 Port Eynon (34/16miles)- Village Hall- NO SPECTATORS IN CHECKPOINT PLEASE-there is lots of space in the village and at the beaches near by. 

CP6 Three Cliffs (42/24miles) - Campsite - SPECTATORS WELCOME- There is a cafe, shop & parking!



Spectator Points

Limeslade Bay, Bracelet Bay Car Parks and the Pier

This will be the best place to see the runners at the start of the route. Anywhere alongthis section provides excellent support location, car parking and cafe.


The Mumbles is located on the South-East corner of the Gower.  The runners can be seen anywhere  along the promenade leading to Swansea.  There are several car parks here and they are easy to find so I won't list them all!  However, they are often very busy (especially if the weather is good).  If your supporters are planning to come they should leave ample time to negotiate the crowded streets.  The good news is there are plenty of places to eat, an amusement arcade (in case they get bored!) and the lovely Verdis ice cream parlour!


The last stop for supporters.  There is a car park in Penclawdd (SA4 3YF) where the road bends right and left.  There are plenty of pubs here, an Indian restaurant and a fish and chip shop.  It may well be night time by this point and there are lots of houses here so please remind supporters to be respectful of residents.  A short distance outside of Penclawdd you can make lots of noise!




Spectators can see the start or take short walk through the dunes to see runners hurtle down the first hill and across Broughton Beach!  Towards the end of the day there will be a bonfire (weather permitting) at the top of the final climb where supporters can congregate to have a cup of coffee, toast marshmallows and wait to see the finishers cross the line. 


Rhossili Bay


Park at Hill End car park (SA3 1JD).  A short walk through the dunes brings you out onto Rhossili Bay.  This is only a few miles from the start so if supporters are going here make sure they are here before the start of the race!




Park at Rhossili car park (SA3 1PR).  Runners will come up directly from the beach so supporters can either watch from the top of the climb or make their way to towards Rhossili Point.  **Please note**  Runners will follow the coast before the lookout station so any supporters heading to the point should be aware of this!


Port Eynon Bay


Park at beach car park (SA3 1NN).  A sheltered bay with a small sandy beach only a short drive from Rhossili.


Oxwich Bay


Park at beach car park (SA3 1LS).  Ample car parking and a snack bar make this quite a good stop!  The beach is sandy, wide and gently sloping to clear water.  Great if you're a supporter and a potential nightmare if you're a runner!




Three Cliffs Bay


The Checkpoint is locatted at Three Cliffs Camp Site

North Hill Farm,
North Hill Lane,

This is a perfect place for supporters. 

To reach the bay, supporters will have to follow a path on to sand dunes for approximately 1k.  This route is steep (especially on the way up!) and may be unsuitable if you have very young children or if you are unsteady on your feet.  However, the trip is worth it for one of the best views in Wales!  The runners will cross the stepping stones so that's a good place to get some memorable photos!


Caswell Bay & Langland Bay


These 2 bays are very close together so supporters should choose one as they won't make to the other before the runners!  Both have ample parking and both are popular surfing spots, so if there is a good swell parking may be limited.  Caswell Bay car park is at SA3 3BN and Langland Bay car park is at SA3 4SQ.


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