SW100 &SW50 FAQ

1)- Are there any route changes in 2018?   

Are feedback and review of the past two events we have made a couple of small route changes from the 2017. We believe this will make the route better and event run smoother for competitors and marshals. These can be seen on the 2018 route maps on the links avaliable on the main event page.  

The first half of the SW100 route is almost exactly the same as in 2017. The only difference is once you have bagged the summit of Fan Llia you will continue Northerly to the fence then descend down left (Westerly) to a track and head into the Nature reserve, before heading up to Fan Frynych Summitt (There will be a compulsory clip here) before taking the path through the nature reserve down to the A470 to the Half Way checkpoint. You will then cross the a470 and head along the Taff trail to the storey arms before following the same route up Pen Y fan.  

The SW50 will start in Brecon town and head up Pen Y Fan from the North where it will meet the SW100 route. This truly makes the race the Brecon to Cardiff EXTREME version- It also starts slightly earlier giving you more daylight to complete the race.

The other main route change for 2018 is that at approximately 85 miles both routes now continue South descending into Caerphilly where as in 2017 it went into LLanbradach via the tricky & forestry section and CP 10. The Checkpoint for 2018 will be moved to Caerphilly but don't worry as there will still be PIZZA! The route now skirts the breathtaking Caerphilly Castle and then heads upto Caerphilly Mountain via the Warren Forestry Trails and wooded singletrack paths. This will make the navigation much simpler around the final fifteen miles of the route and brings the distances closer to 50miles & 100miles when taking account of the longer run up pen y fan at the start the start of the SW50 and the extra couple of miles between Fan Llia and Fan Frynych for the SW100. 

CP 11 will move approximately 1 mile along the route so you will hit it after Caerphilly Montain rather than before. From here there will only be   5 miles and 1 small climb remaining before the finish!

2)- Do I need to carry all the compulsory kit?

Yes. If you’ve entered this race you shouldn’t really be asking this question!

If you are in a team then all team members must carry the whole kit. This includes all of it!

3)-Will there be a kit check?

Yes. You will be required to show several random items from your kit before you can register and receive your race number.

No kit = No number. You have been warned!

All podium finishers and random numbers will also be kit checked at the end.

4)-How hard is the navigation?

For an individual competent with map reading, following written instructions and combining this with a gps file the route is easy to follow. We have had people with a wide range of navigatin abilities test it!!! These have ranged from qualified mountain leaders- who found it easy to follow-to the more navigationally challenged and less experienced- who found it much harder to navigate, but were able to get around. It is not designed to be an orienteering event and where possible the route was designed to make it simple and logical to follow. There are many obvious features to follow, handrail or to aim for.

Most people that get lost on the race do so because they are not paying attention to the map/directions/gps. As with any navigational event the map is the king so being familiar with a 1:25000 OS map and then using the gps and and route description to supplement this is the best way to navigate. Our advice would be to use a OS map and then have a gps device with OS maps on it along with the route for any tricky sections. 

Having said that if you are navigationally challenged you should learn or recce the route with friends or on the organised recces. 

Whilst you may have completed other larger self-navigation events-please don't underestimate this course and make sure you have practised your navigation skills. In many large self navigation events you can get away with following other competitors for large sections of the course, so please spend that extra bit of time homing your map and compass skills or better still recce the course-its a great course and definately worth seeing the night sections in daylight!

5)- When will entries close?

Midnight on the Tuesday before the event or before if the event sells out.

6)- What are the entry limits?

2018- 100 entrants for the SW100; 100 for the SW50

7)- Is there a reserve list?

Yes. If you attempt to sign up after the event has sold out you will be added to a reserve list and if spaces become available you will be offered a place. No money is taken from your account until you have confirmed and registered that place with our online registration system.

8)- Can I enter & pay on the day?

No you must register using the online registration system at sientries system.

9)-I can’t do the event, can I have a refund or transfer to a different race?

As per our terms and conditions 'If competitors withdraw prior to the event, the following costs are incurred' 

-5 months before the event, 75% of entry fee will be refunded OR you can transfer the remaining cost (75% of entry fee) off a different event. 

-2 months before the event, 50% of entry fee will be refunded OR you can transfer the remaining cost (50% of entry fee) to a different race.

-1 month before the event, no refund is available. No transfer to another race is possible.

 10)- I can’t race can I transfer my entry to a friend?

 As per our terms and conditions, entries cannot be substituted (ie: you cannot ‘give’ your place to someone else if you are unable to attend the race).

 11)-Will I receive a medal for completing the event?

All entrants will receive a t-shirt, however only those who complete the course within the time limit will get a medal.

 12)- Can I walk the challenge?

 Yes the race is open to runners and walkers that can maintain the pace to reach the cut off times.

 There is a cut off time for the SW50 of 24 hours.

 There is a cut off time for the SW100 of 40 hours.

 There is a  walkers cut off time for the SW100 or 44 hours (This is with an earlier start)

  13)- Are there cut off times and what happens if I miss the cut off times?

There are cut off times at various checkpoints. The cut off times are not intended to be there for your pacing strategy. The cut off times have been worked out from looking at the previous events competitor timings and recce day speeds. Please bear in mind that if you just make the cut off time or wait at a checkpoint untill the checkpoint closes befor leaving you will start to struggle to make the cut off! 

If you miss the cut off time, then you will be retired from the event. Please see question 17 for cut off times.

 14)- What is the terrain like and what type of trainers should I wear?

 It is a mixture of mountain paths, trail, tarmac, grass, mud. A trail trainer suitable for the distance would be best. We would suggest you pay a lot of attention to getting this right and that the shoes you use are well tested!

We would recommend a comfortable trail trainer over the first 40 miles, a more grippy /aggressive trainer over the middle mountainous section with the steeper descents, then a comfortable trail type trainer again over the last 35miles. Obviously, shoe choice is individual and depends on weather conditions, it can only really be decided on through use during training sessions, recces and previous races.

 Please see the drop bag section (Question 19) to help work out the best strategy!

 15)- Are there any 'bonus mile'?

 Of course, there are bonus miles-its not an ultra without! The 100 mile course is just over, approximately 102 miles and the 50 mile course is approximately 52miles. Bargain!

 Obviously, you may add your own bonus miles in if you forget to look at the map or route instructions! 

 16)- When will final event details be sent out?

All final event details will be sent out to the e-mail address you registered with 1 week before the event date.

All other information is found on the event webpage or in the FAQs on this page.

If you have not received the details please check your junk e-mail folders, and check your e-mail address you registered with is correct. If you still haven't received it then please e-mail or contact us. 

We will also post the event details on the website, and Facebook page one week before the event.

17)- Where are the Checkpoints and what is available?

The checkpoint details for the 2017 race can be seen on the road book and are summarised in the table below. Final details will be sent out in the pre-event notes appoximately 1 week before. The only planned checkpoint changes for 2018 are that CP10 in Llanbradach has been moved to Caerphilly (it will be near the Castle) to accomodate the change in route around Caerphilly. 


Cut off Elapsed Time
CP  CP Name Location Grid Ref Distance SW100 Distance SW50 Cut Off  Time Walk 100 Run 100 SW 50 Food  (water & coke at all) Hot water                 Tea/Coffee Drop Bag
1 Llantrisant End of Cyclepath, Main Rd, Llantrisant. ST 056 832 15k/9m n/a W-Fri 1900                    R-Fri 2200 4 3 n/a Sweets, Crisps, biscuits N
2 Glynogwr St Tyfodwg's Church, Glynogwr SS 956 872 30k/18m n/a 7 6 n/a Cake, Nuts, Biscuits N
3 Treorchy St Peters Parish Church Hall, Llewellyn St, Pentre, Treorchy SS 969 961 44k/28m n/a Sat 0400  11 9 n/a Veg Soup & Bread, (Jam, Peanut Butter Sandwhich) , Cake, Custard Y
4 Hirwaun St Lleurwg's Church Hall, Station Rd, Hirwaun, Aberdare CF44 9TA SN 958 056 57k/34m n/a Sat 0700 15 13 n/a Stew, Rice Pudding, Peaches, Biscuits  Y
5 Ystradfellte Ystradfellte, Village Hall SN 930 134 67k/41.5m n/a Sat 1000 20 16 n/a Sweets, Crisps, Biscuits, (access to drop bag & Hot Water) Y Drop Bag 1 SW100
6 Storey Arms Layby opposite Storey Arms, A470. Libanus, Brecon LD3 8NL SN 982 203 80k/50m n/a Sat 1300 22 18 n/a Soup, Rice Pudding, Fruit Salad, Sandwiches (cheese, Jam, or peanut butter).   N
7 Taly Bont Res NE corner, Talybont Reservoir,
Talybont-on-Usk, Brecon LD3 7YS
SO 107 203 99k/62m 15k/9.5m Sat 1800 27 23 7.5

Sweets, Biscuits, Crisps, Nuts,


8 Trefil Trefil Rugby Club, Trefil Rd, Tredegar NP22 4EU SO 120 126 110k/68m 26k/16m Sat 2100 31 27 11.5 Hot Dog, Cake, Fruit Salad (access to drop bag 2 -100 and drop bag 1 - 50) Y Drop Bag 2 SW100; Drop bag SW50
9 Bargoed Heolddu Primary School, NE corner Geligear Common, Bargoed CF81 8XL ST 138 996 126k/78m 42k/26 Sun 0100 34 30 15.5

Sweets,, Biscuits, Crisps, Nuts,


10 Llanbradach Ebenezer Baptist Church Hall,  Se Winton Terrace, Llanbradach, Caerphilly CF83 3LE ST 147 899 140k/87m 56k/35m Sun 4am 37 33 18.5 Soup, rice pudding, peaches, pizza Sandwiches (Jam or peanut butter)  Y
11 Caerphilly Mountain  Layby  Watfor Rd, Caerphilly  ST  155k/98 71k/45m Sun 0915 42 38 22.5 Cake, Biscuits, Crisps, Nuts N
Finish Cardiff HSOB Rugby Club ST 139 805 166k/103 82k/52m Sun 11am 44 40 24.5

18)- The GPS file does not open?

To access a gps file you will first need to save the relevant file to your computer.  To do this right click on the download and choose 'save as' and save it to your computer. In order to view / use the file it will have to be imported onto a device that allows you to view & use it. Please Note-If you open the file on your computer it will appear blank / full of gibberish!  It can only be viewed by importing it onto a gps device (eg Garmin Fenix, Suunto Ambit etc) or by viewing it using a computer program that will access the information.

19)- Is there a drop bag facility?  

SW100- Yes you will receive two drop bags for the 100mile race. One available at approximately 40 miles and one available at approximately 66miles. You must provide two individual drop bags – one for each location. They will be collected at registration.

SW50- Yes you will receive one drop bag at mile 16 (after the Brecon Beacons section).

 You will not be able to access these bags at other times during the race. The drop bags should be a maximum size of 20 litres each, and in a waterproof drybag and should not contain any valuable or breakable items. They may be stored outside on wet ground so they must be completely waterproof!

Drop bags will be avaliable for colection from the event base/finish on Sunday morning from 8am!

*please do not keep your car keys, house keys or credit cards in the drop bags as if you drop out you will not be able to access drop bag until Sunday at 8am!!!

20)-What time is registration?

A timetable is available on the event page on the runwalkcrawl website at the following link http://www.runwalkcrawl.co.uk/events/sw100-sw50.html

21)- Will I receive a map and copy of Road Book?

Yes, you will receive a waterproof copy of the road book and map.

Of course, if you would like to bring your own pre-marked maps you are welcome to.

 22)- Will I be tracked?

There will be trackers on the SW100 runners

There will not be Trackers on the SW50 runners- HOWEVER, if you download the mobile phone app racedrone you will be able to map your progress around the course. Ideally everyone would use this app! The link is at  http://www.racedrone.net/

23)- Where are the best places for my friends and family to support? 

More information about the best locations to support will be sent out with the pre-event notes one week before the event. 

24)- Can you use local shops around the course to buy supplies/refreshments?

Yes this is acceptable, although please do not rely on them being open and ensure you carry enough food for between checkpoints.

25)- Are pacers allowed?

For 2018 pacers are allowed after 9pm on Saturday on both races.

26)-What times do the buses leave and how do they work?

You park at the finish in Cardiff and the bus takes you to the start. You then run back to the finish. This is so that when you have finished your car is their ready for you. 

There is no bus for the SW100- you run the loop.




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