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Friday 28th Stage Race Registration: St Dogmaels  (Fri0630-Fri 0800)

Fri 0630-0730 SR Registration St Dogmaels, Liz, Margaret, Jess,Joe, Ben

Fri 0730 Briefing / St Dogmaels , Joe

Fri 0730 Load Overnight Bags Bags for Newgale, Ben,  

Fri 0800 See off Busses- Joe

Stage Race Start: Dale (Fri 0915-1000)

Fri 0915 Meet Racers Dale, Smith, George

Collect Small drop bags and take to CP 1-Smith Van, Georges,

Fri 1000 Set Racers off  Smith, George

Stage Race Checkpoint 1: St Brides (Fri 1200-1500)

Fri 1200-1500 CP 1 St Brides  provide Water & Small Drop Bags) Smith George

Stage Race Checkpoint 2 & Overnight Camp: Newgale  (Fri 1200-Sat 1800)

Fri 1100 Set Up campsite/finish Newgale  Put overnight bags in tent , Ben, Joe

Fri 1400-1930 Stage Race Finishers, record Times- (Joe, Rach M, Smith)  Claire Sheldon, Raven, Richie

100mile Race Registration : St Dogmaels (Fri 1900-Sat 0600)

Fri 1900- 2030 Registration St Dogmaels Memorial Hall. . Liz, Margaret, Jess,Joe, Ben, Drew

Fri 2030- Race Briefing St Dogmaels Memorial Hall Joe


Sat 0600-0900 Runners depart Newgale, Record Start Times, Collect overnight bags & drop bags (take to CP 4/Camp 2) Liam, Jess, Lisa,

Sat 0900 Pack camp NEWGALE camp- take Drop bags AND overnight camp bags to Camp 2/CP4 Trefin, Ben, Claire Sheldon, Raven, Richie

Sat 1200-1800 CP2 Newgale For 100 Runners – Rach M, Lisa, Jess

100mile Race St Dogmaels (Fri 1900-Sat 0600)

0530 open St Dogmaels (mainly for Toilets)- Liz/ Margaret

Sat 0600 : Bus Departs St Dogmaels- Liz/ Margaret

Sat 0610 Coach pick up from Cardigan Castle

100 Mile Race start: Dale (Sat 0715-0800)

Sat 0715 Coach Drops Off at Dale. Smith, Drew, Joe

Sat 0715 collect drop bags (they go to Newgale CP2 then Pwll Deri CP5) Joe  

Sat 0800 Race Start in Dale Smith, Drew, Joe

CP 1 100mile Race : St Brides (Sat 100-1330)

Sat 1000-1330 (water) – Smith, Drew, (mark route diversion around CP1 could do this Friday)

CP 2 100 mile race : Newgale (Sat 1030-1800)

Sat 1200-1800 (100 runners only; drop bags,) Hot Water for 100 runners- Rach M, Lisa, Jess

Drop Bags need to be taken to. These then need to be moved forwards to CP5 Pull Deri YHA)

CP 3: St Justinian’s (Sat 1030-1200; 1400-2300)

Sat 1030-1200 (stage race) Liam, Nickie

Sat 1400-2300 (100 runners) Liam, Nickie

CP 4/ CAMP 2: Trefin  (Sat 1130- Sun 1000)

Sat 1200-0300 CP 4 Checkpoint  Joe,  Liz, Margaret, Claire, Richie,

Sat 1100-Put up tent (12x12), unload stage race drop bags & overnight bags into 12x12 Joe, Karl, Liz, Margaret

Drop Bags available for stage race 

Sat 1100 put signs marking to and from Coastal Path- Joe

1400-2030-Shuttle bus  from Finish Day 2 CP5 Pwll Deri YHA to  Camp 2 (CP 4 Trefin) Huw

CP 5/End of Day 2/Start of Day 3 : Pell Deri YHA  (Sat 1400-Sun 0900)

Sat 1400-SUN 0900 CP5 Pell Deri YHA  - Carwyn,

Sat 1400-2030 Stage Race runners finishing Day 2- Record finish times.  Carwyn, Raven, Karl,

Sat 1800-0800 100 runners CP 5 DROP BAGS for 100 runners here Carwyn. A Nother.

Sun 0600-0900 record runners leaving Karl

CP6: Newport  (Sat 2200-Sun 1400)

Sat 2000 Set up Newport CP, Joe, Drew, Rach M

Sat 2200-Sun 1600 mainly 100 runners, Drew, Rach M, Liam,


CP 4/ CAMP 2: Trefin

Sun 0600-0900 Sun-Shuttle Bus from Camp  2 (CP 4 Trefin) to CP5/Start Day 3(Pwll Deri YHA) Huw

Sun 0900-1000 Pack up Camp- Take stage race drop bags to CP6 (Newport)  for 1200 Smith,

Take Overnight Bags to finish- Huw

Start of Day : Pell Deri YHA  

Sun 0600-0900 Stage race runners start Day 3. Record Start  times. They will start in waves of 15.Karl, Carwyn,  

CP6: Newport  (Sat 2200-Sun 1400)

Sun 1200- 1400-Stage Runners (Drop Bags available they will be dropped here by Huw in his bus)

Finish: St Dogmaels (Sun 0400-2200)

Sun 0400-2200   CUT Off Time is 2200 (100mile 38 Hours/2.6mph), Jess, Joe, Shan Jones anybody who is free.

Fri! Mark last mile of route from end of Pembrokeshire Coastal Path  to finish. Joe

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