South Wales Trail Half Marathon & 5k results (click on date to view)

25th August 2014
31st August 2015
29th August 2016 

Gower Ultra 50 results (click on date to view)

4th October 2014
10th October 2015
1st October 2016
7th October 2017 

*Please note results where clips were missed are shown at the bottom of the page, with the race time prefixed by the number 24

Ghost Run results (click on date to view)

30th October 2014
29th October 2015
27th October 2016
26th October 2017 

Vale Coastal Ultra & 18.5 mile results (click on date to view)

11th April 2015
2nd April 2016
1st April 2017

7th April 2018

Brecon to Cardiff Ultra results (click on date to view)

24th May 2015
1st May 2016

19th Feb 2017
11th Feb 2018

SW100 & SW50 (click on date to view)
SW100 3rd June 2016
SW50 4th June 2016
SW100 23rd June 2017
SW50 24th June 2017

Pembrokeshire 100 & Stage race (click on date to view)
Pembrokeshire 100 29th April 2017
Pembrokeshire 3 day stage race 28th April 2017







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