Route information & gps files

Route information & guides (if they exist!) for our races can be found here.  For all races maps and roadbooks, if they are needed, will be provided at registration.  These files and documents are here for you as a resource to use for information or to use for recces of the routes.

GPS files

To access a gps file you will first need to save the relevant file to your computer.  To do this right click on the download and choose 'save as' and save it to your computer.  In order to view / use the file it will have to be imported onto a device that allows you to view & use it.  Please note if you open the file on your computer it will appear blank / full of gibberish!  It can only be viewed by importing it onto a gps device (eg Garmin Fenix, Suunto Ambit etc) or by viewing it using a computer program that will access the information.  

Vale Ultra & 18 mile race

Vale gps file available here

Brecon to Cardiff

Brecon to Cardiff gps file available here

SW100 & SW50

Download Roadbook Part 1 from the Google Drive here: 
Download Roadbook Part 2 (and SW50 full route) from the Google Drive here: 

SW Trail Half & 10k

South Wales Trail Half Marathon gps available here

Gower Ultra 50

Gower 50 gps available here

Ghost Run

It's a secret!  Find out on the night!

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