Brecon to Cardiff 2019 Marshal Info

Thank you for volunteering to marshal at the race, your help is greatly appreciated by organizers and participants alike.  The following is some information on general event timings, and logistics with specific timings, locations and roles for individuals listed at the bottom of the page. Please message me if you have any questions, or need to change anything. I will update this with any changes on Saturday. Each checkpoint/location has an expereinced member of the team who has been fully briefed. Please bring a mobile phone with you to use in case of an emergency, make sure you give your mobile phone number to Ben and put the base & race number in your phone (see bottom of page). The race directors and their responsibilities are Ben Morris –(Logistics, Marshal Locations & Checkpoints), Joe Timmins (Start/finish, Registration, Timing), Pete Smith (Logistics, Marshal Locations & Checkpoints).  We have CAVRA Medics covering the event and the Officer in charge for this event will be Ivor. 


Saturday 9th

1700-2000 Registration in Nantgarw

Sunday 10th

0530-0630 Registration aspire fitness Nantgarw

0630 Coach LEAVES Nantgarw for Brecon

0645- Marsal Brief from Theatre Brycheiniog Staff for Run Walk Crawl Marshals

07.00 -0730 Special Registration in Brecon Theatre for those runners that have emailed 'pre-booked'.

0715  Busses arrive in Brecon

07.30 Race brief in Brecon Theatre

0745 Scan runners into start pen

08.00 Race start- outside Theatre

20.00 Cut off time at Finish in Nantgarw


Registration-There are two registrations AT NANTGARW IN 2019. The address is Coleg Y Cymoedd, Parc Nantgarw, CF15 7QX.

Registration times are Saturday 9th -1700-2000 and Sunday 10th February 0530-0630, both in Nantgarw.

There are a small number of partcipants who have pre-booked to register in Brecon on Sunday morning (0700-0730) - this is only avaliable to those partcipants who have already e-mailed us and confirmed. 

At registration runners will hand in the 'Registration and Kit Declaration Forms' which confirms contact details, emergency numbers, medical conditions and confirms they are carrying the compulsory kit.

There is no kit check at registration. There will be a kit check on the course.

Can you please remind runners to fill out medical information and contact details on the back of their race numbers!


Race Brief, and Start Location:

The race start and race brief are at Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon LD3 7EW at 0800.

Finish: Coleg Y Cymoedd, Parc Nantgarw, CF15 7QX. 

The finish is at Coleg Y Cymoedd.  The college building is located on the Parc Nantgarw industrial estate, just off the A470 and a few miles from Cardiff City centre.  This is also the pick-up location for the coach in the morning. 

Drop bags

Competitors have the option of having a drop bag to transport any spare kit from the start in Brecon to the Merthyr Checkpoint and then onwards to the finish line. We will provide bin liners to put around their bags and a marker pen to write their race number on. Strictly bags should be no bigger than a shoe box, and no heavier than 5kg. We will collect the drop bags at the start -Canal Basin- and load them into large sacks in number order.





The checkpoints are at the following locations...

Note the cut off time is in brackets (race time / time of dlocationsay)


CP1. 7 miles (2 hours/1000) - Water, Sweets

Canal Path just before Almshouses Bridge, Talybont-on-usk.


We’ve had complaints about this before in previous years.

Please make sure that there is a Marshal by the Bridge behind the White Hart Pub ensuring runners leave the canal path, cross over the river and follow the trail up into the forest!


CP2. 16 miles (4.5 hours/1230)  

-Water, energy drink, cakes, biscuits, crisps, nuts, sweets

-Layby between Pontisticilli and Pentwyn Reservoir.


CP3. 22.5 miles (6.5 hours/1430)  

-Water, Sweets, Biscuits, Crisps; nuts, Drop Bag

-Cefn Community Centre, Merthyr Tydfil

-No Spectators in this checkpoint please! Drop Bags will be available here.


CP4. 29 miles (8.5 hours/1630)    

-Water, energy drink, Sweets, Biscuits,  Nuts

-Aberfan Taff Trail, by the Cemetery


CP5. 37 miles (10.5 hours/1830)  

-Water, energy drink, Sweets, Biscuits, Crisps, Chips

-Trallwn Workman’s Club, Coedpenmaen Rd, Pontypridd

-There will be Hot & Cold Drinks & Snacks here for Spectators so encourage them to come here and wait for the runners in the warm!


Finish (12 hours/2000)

-Coleg Y Cymoedd, Parc Nantgarw, CF15 7QX 


General Race Notes

Please check the forecast for the event and bring enough warm kit to remain comfortable and full body water proof cover to keep you dry should the weather be wet. Suitable footwear to keep you warm and dry with adequate grip is also advisable. A head torch or hand torch with fully charged or spare batteries is essential. If you do not have any equipment, please contact us a.s.a.p. and we can help. Please make sure you pick up a yellow safety vest from registration and use it throughout- this is mainly so you are easily identifiable to the participants.
There are no muddy trainers allowed inside any of the facilities, so please do your best to ensure participants remove their shoes if muddy especially after the race.

Our collective aim is to facilitate the safe, smooth running of the event for competitors and other users of the route. You may need to be assertive at times, but above all else try to remain positive and encouraging. Please ask runners to keep to the left of footpaths and leave space for any returning runners. Politely try to inform any other route users about the event. At the start please try to keep the Canal path clear. Please make everyone feel welcome, especially new, or nervous individuals.

Please scan the runners coming through the checkpoints. Keep an eye out for anyone missing or slowing down. Please keep an eye out for anyone struggling or injured. Check that they are ok and if they need first aid assistance please follow the guidelines below. Please report any issues to the race directors at the end of the race. If anyone does not scan please record their number.

If anyone drops out record their number and take their wristband. 

Dealing with Emergencies


CAVRA First Aid Responders are covering first aid for the event. They will be roaming in 3 x Land Rovers and stationed at open Checkpoints and roaming. If you need assistance call their mobile immediately. They are their to cover the event so with any emergencies (Major or Minor) call them and they will coordinate response. The number is below. 

Each checkpoint has an Emergency Access Point (EAP) Map which details the route, and the the location, address and grid reference of the Emergency Access Points (EAP) to the Trail. If you need to call CAVRA, first aiders or Emergency Services you can refer to this for access points to the route. You should make yourself familiar with it when you arrive.

In addition to the CAVRA team we have numerous first aiders as part of our team Pete, George, Ben, Joe, Liam and some of the Marshals are all qualified first aiders so we have a lot of first aid cover!

[If any regular volunteers want to get qualified in First Aid please get in touch with me (Ben) and we have an in house trainer who can put you through the course for free!]

Please note that if anyone is injured or withdraws and they are not a major emergency (i.e going to hospital in an ambulance) then they must wait until the sweeper and last racer is through and the course is clear before being returned to base. Put them in a warm car or indoor location and keep an eye on them.  But please don’t leave your position to take them back unless relieved with another suitable person issued by the race directors. Of course, if they have family and friends to pick them up or want to get a taxi this is fine.

In a minor injury summon the nearest first aider/or medic, call CAVRA control and then call the race director. Ensure they are warm and get them in shelter from the elements if possible! (Car, building, bus shelter, out of the wind).
In a major emergency call/get help from a first aider, other runners, marshals or bye-standers. Call CAVRA Control (if CAVRA medic is not already their). CAVRA will coordinate the response. (If no Response from CAVRA and a major emergency call 999). Then call the race director.

Individual marshal positions and roles can be seen below. If you can’t make it for the times you’ve been put down for or if we’ve missed anyone please send us a message a.s.a.p.

Thanks again for helping and see you on Sunday.
The Run Walk Crawl Team.

Phone numbers

Event Base aspire in Nantgarw (open from 2-8) 01685 887 544
Ben 07968 899 303
Joe 07790 277 169
Pete 07974 004 875
George 07814 177 063

CAVRA Officer in charge for this event will be IVOR 07973 627 137.

Marshal Positions and Times


1700-2000 Registration -Jon W, Jon T, Margaret, Sian P, Joe, Jez Bee, Up and Under



0515-0630- Nantgarw Registration - Liz, Margaret, Jon W, Pete, Liam, Up and Under, Joe

0630 Meet Buses Nantgarw-  Mark Aston, Liam 

0645-0800 Thearter Brycheiniog, Brecon-Registration/Race Brief/ Race Start/ Scan runners into Pen- Sian P, Dave, Ben, Nickie, Joe, Jez B, Simon P, Webb, Steve Wakely, Simon P, Jack Harrington

0715-0800 Meet Bus drop offs Brecon - Mark Aston

0730 Race Brief in Theatre -Joe T

0730-0750 Collect drop bags From Registration (Take to Merthyr CP 3) -Up and Under

0730 Lead Runner/ Warning Signs/ Flags on Canal Path - Nickie

0800 Sweeper- Mark Aston

Start Admin at Canal Basin 0730– Ben, George, Dave, 

0805- to last runner - Tunnel On Canal Path– Mark Aston

0810 - Road Crossing B4558 Lock Bridge 2 Marshals-  CAVRA

CP1. 0830-1000 (Cut Off 1000)- Dave, Nickie, Sian, Jez Bee,

CP2. 0945-1300 (Cut Off 1230) - Jon, Cled, Steve Wakely, Pete,

CP3. 1030-1500 (Cut Off 1430) - Nickie, Dave, Sian P, Sarah P & Rod P, Up and Under,

0900- Mark signs into College From Taff Trail -Liam

1000-1100 Put signs up around CP- Liam

CP4. 1100-1630 (Cut Off 1630) - Liam, George, Andy Harries

CP5. 1200-1830 (Cut Off 1830) - Margaret, Liz, Roger Mills, Pete

Finish 1300-2000 (Cut Off Set up Finish) -Joe, Liam, George, Jon


NOTE the sweeper will be aiming to come into each checkpoint exactly on Cut Off Time. Anybody behind will be Cut.


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